Of Ilmu Khas And Karut

It has been more than a week since I got here and the pace that I’m going is very hectic. There’s never enough time to do everything that needs to be done. And not even half of the time that I would like to have to do everything that I love doing.
But still I’m enjoying it here. Meeting and making new friends, learning a variety of things, and yet still more to learn. Ah.. the student’s life is the best sort of life. 🙂 And learning what I want to learn is better still.
For now I’m bunking outside of the College as us KPLI students don’t get to live at the Dorms, most of us are staying at a block of Apartment that was specifically reserved for us by the college. The environment is OK. Tons of shops downstairs, everything that you might need is there.
Learning to manage and juggle my times effectively here, as we have tons of assignment (actually I’m doing one of such assignments right now). Currently I’m bodily and mentally exhausted from the first week of studying. But I guess that’s the norm when you first get to a place and needs time to adjust to the surroundings. And yeah I still hate KL’s air.
Till next time, I have an overdue dinner waiting and an assignment to finish.
Adiue :devil:
p/s: For those who still don’t know I’m doing the TESL menengah program for KPLI. Doing it over here at MPIK, Cheras.

4 thoughts on “Of Ilmu Khas And Karut

  1. Heya,
    MPIK? So I guess you are not bunking in either Aman, Damai or Sentoasa block? Had a rocking yet hellish time at Aman last time 😉

  2. New policy, KPLI students have to stay outside, apparently they are saying our allowances are big enough for us to rent a place. 🙂 Still enjoying it with my housemates :p

  3. Assalamualaikum
    Mr Karlbum, was an ex-MPIKian meself. So I wonder are you in Seri Mas then ? Or wot?

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