It Was Short

The trip back home was certainly short, didn’t even manage to do anything much. Was at first hoping that I’ll be able to write something long and meaningful, but seems to me that the time still isn’t opportune yet.
On a favourable mention, one of my article (Of Snipers … ) that was previously published here, was used in one of my assignment submission and received quite a nice review from my lecturer. 🙂 That should keep me happy, shouldn’t it.
On yet another note, it was Aidil Adha, and my family celebrated it quietly at my grandpa’s place, nice to be with families… almost everybody was there except for a cousin and my sis. Who’s both at Sarawak and Sabah respectively.
My time home was mostly spent on fixing my sister’s laptop, the dumb thing won’t charge. Luckily I got it fixed, gonna bring it to MPIK. Have tons of assignment and seriously I don’t know how I’m going to manage if I didn’t have any computers around.
So this is it. I’m going off now. Have to go back to MPIK today.
Adieu :devil:

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