Long And Sweet It Was

Seriously I’ve never thought that I would go on a hiatus that long. And during that time, I had to hold myself back for numerous time. A lof of time I almost blogged, but stopped myself just in time.
I believe the hiatus achieved what I wanted it to achieve, first and foremost to clear of my head. Recollect my thoughts on life, you can’t really think when you are writing/talking about it all the time. :p
Also I’ve managed to clean up my earlier templates, and create a new one (yet to be unveiled)
During my hiatus, several thing has happened, that has cleared my head. And I am for now, knows where I want to be, and how I should do it. One thing in life, I just want to be a good and happy muslim. Nothing much, simple things would suffice.
On my purpose in life, I think I have found mine, at least I believe it to be so. And I will do what I can to fulfill that purpose. You might be wondering where this might be going. Simply said, I believe I was meant to be a teacher, too many things that has happened that says that I am to carry on on this path. A lot of thing has simply fallen into its place. And last but not least the offer letter that says I’m to enrol at a local Maktab Perguruan. Maktab Perguruan Ilmu Khas, Cheras.. to be exact.
So I’ll be in KL for 11 month or so. Would really love to meet up with fellow KL bloggers if I have the chance 🙂
So that’s it. I’m going to be an educator. Teaching something that I was never really taught to, but something that I really like and have learn to admire in others. Language, and every facet of it.
Wish me luck, wish me well in my studies. I don’t want to come out and ruin your children :p
Adieu :devil:

8 thoughts on “Long And Sweet It Was

  1. Education is a field where most degree holders would say it’s the last resort. I’m glad that you have thought agaisnt that. Malaysia lacks dedicated male educators. It’s good that you have chosen this path. May all goes well. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the achievements of your students. 🙂

  2. Education kind of grows on me 🙂 What’s with my nature that I like explaining things to ppl 🙂
    Satisfaction, which I’ve had the chance to enjoy a few times 🙂

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