Sri Mutiara Pics

As promised I have uploaded the pictures from the Sri Mutiara Photoshoot, albeit a bit late. Grin (6 months late)
61 Pictures in altogether from the shoot taken by me. Enjoy

Full size images and more at Sri Mutiara Photoshoot Gallery

Late Addition : The original post is here *Sri Mutiara Photoshoot*. I managed to get in as I was asked to help in the documentation process of the new interior design of the building. The designer (Dr. Hafizah) is going to write a book about how she came up with the designs.
p/s: Sri Mutiara is the official residence for the Yang Dipertua of Penang

8 thoughts on “Sri Mutiara Pics

  1. masuk tolong ambik gambo bangunan tu jer… org suruh ambik.. aku ambik jer la Grin rezeki Razz Tp the lighting sucks sebab terpaksa ambik sebelah malam. There’s another set sebelah siang. Tp tu my friend yang ambik so malas nak letak. Wink

  2. Big Frown Karlbum… I dished my pc.. n all the HY photos that we took are gone. If ure free send me de copy aight? thnx…
    PS: don forget to put in also de one where i spreaded my dna all over badawi’s bed
    Razz Monkey

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