Interview and I

Went for a work interview the other day, the question they asked was a bit tough on my brain. heheh. Also had to do a written test for them stating what I could contribute if I get the job. Didn’t know if I did ok or not… hope for the best Pray
And later on in the week, I had my own little interview with my ex-gf. She asks a lot, and I bet she has now managed to know more about me and my life than I do myself. But I did manage to get some info out of her Smile She’s getting married this Raya… and to one of her first suitors wohooo.. Smile The guy who has waited for 10 years or so for her.. (cute kan ..) The one that she often mentioned during our brief relationship. Shows that I did have a reason to be jealous… Devil Hope she’s happy with that guy for I do know that he’s a real gentleman Smile
On other notes… my phone which has been acting up lately has decided to make a comeback tour. The crazy battery problem which I tried to solve by sticking in a new battery was solved when I tried using the old battery again. (now that’s weird) The blur screen has now toned down the blurness a bit. I now can see a little of the screen Smile Hmmm maybe inanimate object is not so inanimate after all.. Maybe it has feelings coz it got better after I sort of said out loud that I wanted to buy a new phone hehe. Smile
Adieu, lunch time Devil

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