Justice Is Blind

Saw a very good movie just now, managed to finish watching the movie in between the upgrade 🙂 What’s so good about it? First its a japanese samurai movie, which I’ve always liked, seen Kurosawa’s? Then the director took the character out of character and made it ermmm.. idiosyncratic? and humorous at the same time.


The movie is titled “Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman“, it is actually a sequel of a sort. The director is Takeshi Hitano, and he also happens to be the writer and also the main character, Zatoichi himself. The previous films was done by another person, who also directed, wrote and acted.. sort of a tradition?
The thing is he managed to take a samurai film, which is for the most part all gore and fights and put in humour. And make it work. In the duration of the film There was scenes street music (usage of everyday things as musical instruments), farmers using hoe and making musics, carpenters using their tools and so on. The fight scene was cool, seriously, well choreographed and for added effect they used CG to do the blood and wounds, and although it looks a bit cartoonish, it’s all good.
The closing scene was really nice, they showed an almost typical japanese celebration but changed the dancing to modern tap dancing, which was done to the beat of hip-hop music.
All in all, I highly recommend this movie. If you can grab it at ur local video store (and ur local abg lanun too :devil: ) plz do so. And no FINAS will not let it in Malaysia. Too much gore and blood even if it’s CG.
Gonna go and rest, adieu :rose:

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