Batik’s Economy

I went shopping for new Batik shirts yesterday at KB. And I was a bit suprised, the price of Batik has increased… a lot… from what my dad tells me, it used to be a lot cheaper.. the same shirt that was sold for 50 is now 60 to 90 ringgits. And if u know Batik then u’ll know that the price can go as high as 200 for a nice shirt. Our prime minister is supposedly wearing one that is priced 500 ringgit, but that one is specially made for him.. so that’s another case 🙂
After a strenuous bargaining session, helped by my dad (i’m not that good at bargaining) I got the price down to 200 ringgit for 2 Batik shirts. Damn, I’d rather go for the cheaper ones, but then it wouldn’t be worth the money I spend on them.
On other matters, the budget was announced, and I’m happy to say that I get to benefit from the budget too :p Even if its only a bit.. its enough… anyway the price for cigarettes has increased 40% so I think thats a good reason for my fellow friends who still smoke to stop 🙂 And a big clap to Picha, seems she has been able to stop smoking for a while now :clap: 😀 Also in regard to the budget, I believe this year budget was very good, it reflected a lot on what our PM has said to be his main concern and policy, that is trying to nudge back our Agriculture sector and also his “Mesra Rakyat” policy, as you can see a lot of budget has been allocated for Agro-Industry and also to address some of the issues relevant to lower income citizens, so seems our PM is following thru his policy. And I noticed something different this time around, it used to be that our budget would be heavily criticized by the opposition and this time around, it is lauded by a number of opposition leaders and industry insiders.. so that’s a good thing I believe 🙂 May our goal/vision for a developed country by 2020 becomes true 😀
Adieu :rose:

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  1. kabom…
    rega rokok naik pon tak bg kesan aa kat bf aku.siap aku dah koyak duit dia pon leh selamba pi selotep balik and pi beli.hishhh…
    ey..invite la aku acc gmail ko tu..isk..nak laaa..

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