An Upgrade and A Headache

For the past few days I’ve been tinkering with the backend of my weblog. Did a full upgrade of it’s system. Previously powered by MT2.661 I upgraded it to the latest version which is 3.11. And headaches ensued right after.. :sick:

First there was the templating changes, even if it seems small, a lot had to be done to put it there. In making sure the layout look as much as possible as the previous one. Then I had to rediscover how to put smilies in my post, and yes I don’t want to go through the hassle of coding one by one again, and just making sure that when I decide to do another upgrade I wont have to hardcode the whole thing again. So there goes a few more hours. And at the end I managed to get it just right 🙂
Then I decided that a better naming convention for my URLs was needed. Just making sure that if and when I decide to change weblog program or anything, my previous URLs would still be accessible and making it nicer 😀 No more .php or anything in the link. But that decision will cause every other link that ppl have linked in the past to break. So I had to put in a few more codes to make sure that I’m not making a lot of users frustrated.
All in all it was a good learning experience, I learned more what perl can do, and why some ppl opt to use it rather than php. I also managed to learn a bit about regular expressions, and I tell u regex is so goddamned useful that every other program that I’ve been using to develop this weblog, in someway has used it.
Need some rest, so adieu for now :devil:

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