A Hungry Man At A Buffet

Last thursday we had a bit of an event at school, it was the graduation day for the fifth formers. And seriously, it was boring, and I was spending my time looking after my aunt’s booth, they were selling “Nasi Lemak” and some other tidbits.
So there I sat for 2 hours or more till the graduation was over, then the teachers were invited over for a small buffet, they were serving Nasi Dagang and some other things. so I got there and had some tea, and just that.. tea and nothing more.(And no, this not the buffet mentioned in the title) Was waiting for my friend to finish his plate.
Then we went to the real buffet. It was our deparment’s annual party of sort. It was done at the Renaissance Hotel. The buffet there wasn’t that good selection wise, they only have a small selection of local food plus something that looked italian but tasted worst than it looked. And a salad/seafood bar, which was lame. The seafood doesn’t even taste fresh. But the plus side is their dessert menu, it was good, they had a variety of cheese cakes, tartlets, gratins and some other thing that I forgot.
My first helping for that day consists of 3 pieces of Chicken Tikka , 2 pieces of Fish in Soya Sauce (Ikan masak kicap :p ) A small portion of Fried Mee, A healthy portion of tasteless pasta, 4 pieces of crab (cut in half), 3 oysters, A dollop of Blueberry gratin, Assorted Fruit Tartlets (grapes/kiwis and something else).
Second helping was a plate full of Chicken Tikka (didn’t count the pieces), and another round of Blueberry Gratin and Fruit Tartlets.
I managed to finish all of it except for the tasteless pasta. I paid RM30 for the buffet and I didn’t think that what I ate add up much to it. Maybe around RM25? I don’t think I’ll be eating there soon, as the Maitre D was looking at me smiling :p No wonder, because I ate the most out of my group. Hey everybody else was female except the guy that I came with, and he already had 2 plates of Nasi Dagang.
But I am sure to come again for the dessert, if I have the time 🙂
Adieu :devil:

7 thoughts on “A Hungry Man At A Buffet

  1. banyak ker tu? i suppose my carrying capacity is bigger 😀 at least lagi satu helping kot ekekek..
    trick to eating a buffet is never to eat too much of rice, bread or pasta… These 3 things when eaten will just bloat up ur stomach. in my case I didn’t even touch the rice, and only had a little pasta and mee. 🙂

  2. woih..the Renaissance Hotel kat mana?kat tempat ko kot.sbb aku dok kat Renaissance Hotel KL.ada gaks jamuan apa ntah kat situ.abah aku jadik perwakilan umno so situ je la otel yg ada kosong..mmg nangis2 la otel tuh nyer makan2.standard la….

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