The Top Drawer

Was watching Fear Factor just now, when I got a call from a girl, asking whether I still recognize her, she told me that she once sent me a pic and a letter.
So that led me to rummage thru the top drawer. The said drawer contains almost all of my communique with almost everyone. It brought a whole load of nostalgia.
Things I found,
* Pics, mostly of me and my friends and also a few self photos (I don’t like being photographed?)
* Letters, mostly from pen-pals and old friends keeping in touch. My ex was once a pen-pal of mine so there’s a bit of her letters too. (and no I don’t feel any need to throw anything… everything is a reminder and doesn’t really bother me that much)
* Cards, ranges from Raya, Thank You, Birthday and Farewell cards. The one that touches me the most comes from a college-mate which was also my “adik angkat”. She’s a very good writer… nuff said 🙂
* Name list of participant of the various convention, camp that I went to. (habit…)
* A design for my club t-shirt. More of a gang not a club…. 🙂 The LAP club as we used to call it…. Lite And Perky… coz we had fun every time and everyday…. sort of a bowling club if u want to call it coz we do go bowling frequently. 😀
and from trying to recall a name of a girl which I happen to not have the pic or the letter.. I was led to recall the last 6 – 7 years of my life.. 8-} heheh
Adieu \:D/

4 thoughts on “The Top Drawer

  1. oooh wow.a gurl yang dah lama tak contact, yg hantar surat siap kirim gambar tiba teringat nak contact. huhuh..if i were u i’d be flattered.

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