The Missing 7 Kilos

It seems that I’m missing 7 kilos. Where it go and how it went missing, I’m not so sure.
2 months back I was at my sis’ place in Sabah and happened to just weighted myself, and I had a shocking awakening .. I was damn fat!!! Over my usual weight by kilos and kilos and kilossssss… it was 85kg (kalau tgk gamba sure tak caya 85kg :p)
And the other day at USM, a friend of mine invited me to donate blood with him. So I said yes. And as usual before u can donate blood u have to do some test, and I also had to weight myself. And I stood for quite a long time on the weight coz I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The needle pointed to 78kg. Eh where did my 7kg went haaaa….. and all the time that I was donating blood. I was only thinking of my 7kg.
Did work stress really got to me? 1 and a half month of work and I’m down by 7 kilos… wahhh so nice… by the end of the year I’ll be back to my 2nd year weight .. or even more… matric or high school weight….
The thought of the Herbal Medicine that I took also comes into mind. Coz for two day during my first few week at work I ate some Herbal Remedy that my mom got for me. She was worried coz at that time I looked fat. Maybe it was the medicine, maybe it was work… wait and see… we will know eventually.
Adieu :rose:

4 thoughts on “The Missing 7 Kilos

  1. it could be the Herbal Medicine and your work caused your unbelieveable weight loose :p thanks for always send my a msg bout ur updated-blog .. maap baru ini bisa visiting.. :kiss:

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