10 August 2004

After 5 Years

By Rahman Pauzi

After 5 years of pain and torment finally I got my degree. Bachelor of App. Sc. maaa. Took 2 years longer than most other people. But I think the experience was enriching, and I get to see and to know more ppl that way. Hehe, reminder next time “jangan cari pasal” with the lecturers. Ekekekek.
Anyhow my convocation went thru just fine, no hiccups no mishaps what so ever. I was in the last session (9th session to be exact). But I got to be the 23rd person to receive my scroll on that day. Thus I was left a bit bored. 😀 Had to wait for the rest of the 400++ ppl to get their scroll before I can get out. And nobody had any major mishaps for my session. No falling skullcap or anything. We even got compliments from the Marshalls saying that we were the best session. Yeah right :p
Ok la, gonna bunk right now.. still tired from the bus trip.
Adieu :rose: