A New Hostee On Board

Yes, I’ve got a new hostee, plz welcome Azya-chan a fellow Malaysian who blogs from Japan. For your information, Azya also ranks as the highest outgoing link from this website (I.O.W. the most popular link). So instead of letting the link just go out unnecessarily, its going back in. Hurrah !! The setup was a breeze, altogether it took us, 30 minutes including troubleshooting some stuff with Blogger.
I’m happy to receive her as a hostee, as she writes rather interesting stuffs. And it happens to be that she is among my first few blogger friend that I got to know. Heck she has been writing longer than I do. So have fun reading her blog, savor the little tid bits from the land of the rising sun.
Oh btw, I’ve also gotten myself a GMail account courtesy of Azya. Woohoo 1GB email (like my 800mb acct is not enough). Thanks 🙂
Adieu :rose:
p/s: who’s next to be my hostee?

One thought on “A New Hostee On Board

  1. i write interesting stuffs?
    huh..so unbelievable.hehehe… 😀
    since skang ni aku dah duk bwh hang nyer hosting..yoroshiku onegaishimaaaaassss..*bow*

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