47th Merdeka

My merdeka celebration this year, was … normal? Did nothing much actually… just went to my mom’s school for a few hours as they were having an “Ambang Merdeka” thingy. Took a few pictures of the various performances…. the cutest performance was surely the one by the pre-schoolers… and they had also a nasyid group comprised mostly of standard 2 and 3s …. and as usual they just can’t leave out a Dikir Barat performance.
Was watching the whole thing for 2 hours, then I got bored. So I left early, around 11 pm… leaving my mom and dad there. Watched the tele at home till 12pm. Didn’t actually get to see the countdown as I was busy watching a chinese movie.. eheh.. so unpatriotic huh? Not really, coz as Marina Mahathir once said in her article.. you can’t really measure whether a person is patriotic or not thru his way of celebrating Merdeka. Instead it may be the little things he did for Merdeka that says it all. I did make a short compilation of Patriotic Songs video 🙂 Guess that will be patriotic enough for me this year… bone tired after all that. :p
Happy Merdeka Day to all Malaysian. We may yet know the true meaning of Merdeka one day 🙂

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