I’m Down With A Flu

Oh yeah, nose blocked, sore throats, headaches, the whole deal… :sick: not good for a teacher, u tend not to speak in class and give tons of exercises to your students.. (seb baik byk exercise aku dah fotostat) :p

Huhu, got down with the flu right after I got back from KB, went to KB yesterday with my parents to settle some business, looking at flight tickets for my sis, she’s planning on coming back, so we went to see her options.. I also went to the taylor to order myself a coat for my convo… and also went to repair my handphone which I’ve been neglecting to do for the past year… I should have repaired it last year, but I was lazy and the thing can still be used, though not that good la… the girl said it will cost me around 400 😮 to repair inclusive of housing change. Exact same price if I had it done in Penang.
Wasted almost a half day running around in KB from one shop to another. Luckily we managed to settle some stuff, though I still need to go to KB this coming weekend, to pickup the phone.
One of my younger cousin is back home, came to get his computer it seems. Just another one in the family that can’t live without a computer 😀 His mom made some beehun and invited me over. And I walked over to find my parent is already there…. they came over with the car. (anak jalan kaki, mak naik kete .. anak dia baik kan :p ) Hurriedly ate the foods to go back home, had a few papers to mark still. Though I didn’t actually finish marking them… managed to finish it as school today…
Watched the drama team in action at school today, they are representing the district for the State championship. Still need some work (actually a lot), heck I’m not even expecting them to win, except that they may give the other teams a good fight. The leads are pretty good with strong clear voice, but the supporting cast, haiyo… like my colleagues said… “dia org bercinta ker?”. I’m helping out with the background musics and sound effects, as they are doing a rendition of “Si Tenggang” I’m thinking of mixing a few P. Ramlee’s song to make the background….. too short a time actually, this is gonna be taxing on my brain somehow… :sick:
I’m gonna buzz off and try to get some rest…

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11 thoughts on “I’m Down With A Flu

  1. aik cikgu..takkan baru ngajar tak sampai sebulan dah flu kot? ehehehe 😀
    aku rela demam dpd flu.sbb bila flu,ngan ingus laa (sumtimes berkaler2..hehe),ngan pening kepala laa,ngan idung luka laa (sbb embus ingus kerap sgt),ngan takleh concentrate la,ngan tader appetite laa,bebtul bleh buat aku moody dan asik nak marah and ‘makan’ org (flu dlm asap rokok pon bley jadik sebab)

  2. eh..lemme get this straight, u fixed ur hp for 400 ringgit??!did u just ask for the price or u betul2 hantar??hp apa ni?it seems such a waste for 400 ringgit!baik beli hp baru..hmm..
    one more thing…rindunyerrrr nak berlakon atas stage!sigh…

  3. rm400 is the price for a new housing for my hp, memang dah hantar… sedang dibaiki don’t know lagi brape the whole thing will cost. hp model is 8850, old school phone 🙂 tp tahan lasak sket… memang seems like a waste.. tp this phone is way much better than a new phone yg tahan 1, 2 tahun 😀

  4. original housing la naz, + its a titanium alloy housing not the regular original one which is plastic, and no, my model of phone takda clone housing and if ada pon surely not worth my effort to buy it 🙂

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