Hectic And Tiring Week

Ok not really that hectic but it was tiring. 2 English Camps in a row. Zone Level + School Level, then this morning the school had its Open Day. So my weekends was rather very full of activities…. which was rather tiring…

The weekend before I went to Dungun to accompany 10 of my students for the Zone Level English Camp. There were participants from 2 states at Dungun, Kelantan and Terengganu.. altogether 10 technic schools. The activitiy was fun for the students. But it was a lot of work for the organizers (thankfully I was not one). But still it was tiring going from this venue to that venue…. going back n forth between the hostel and the venue and the dining hall. But at least IT got me smiling sometimes seeing how happy the students were, how they enjoyed the activities. That is satisfaction enough. (will not give the full account too many details to put in this blog)
Then I had my school level English Camp. Now I know how tiring it was to be an organizer. And regretfully it was a bit dull.. and the students had the same idea as they said last year was more fun. But I couldn’t blame it on the teachers but instead on the students that were a bit slow to catch up to things. Really the activities were fun, but we had some time constraints problem, and it was hard pushing 80 students around telling them to do things. But I can see that they enjoyed the programs even though a few complained a bit. I put in some reminders on how to better the program. But all that has blown thru my mind…. still tired… I had to walk to and fro between venues again (reminder: I don’t own any type of transportation… ) But I feel that it was worth it… my part was done and I helped out a bit with other ppl’s part though not all, and I do know that some ppl complained about me being not that helpful.. But what can I do when I’m tired and even the students mentioned that I look so sad and quiet most of the time. It wasn’t really sadness but rather me feeling lethargic and tired to the bone….
And today the school had its Open Day + PTA meeting. My uncle and aunt opened a stall selling clothes and refreshments. I didn’t really helped out but instead I was just watching the workers (students) doing their work… The sale was ok the last I heard. I had to look after the English Camp’s exhibit, and as it happens the exhibit wasn’t that much fun either. Not many ppl want’s to see it :p
But hey at the end of the day I feel quite happy 🙂 In fact I was smiling when I got home … ehehe :devil:
Ok then Adieu :rose:

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