Dungun Camping?

Will be leaving for Dungun early tomorrow morning. Will be accompanying 10 students of mine for an English Camp at Teknik Dungun. I don’t really want to go. But I can’t really say no to my Panitia Head. I still have a bit of my flu, though its only a slight cough now and then.
Oh well, I might as well enjoy my 4 days there. A lot of the english camp activities will be done by the seaside so that will be enjoyable … at least to a point 😀 The students will be enjoying the activities… the only part that I’m actually looking forward to is the eating part :p and maybe watching their performances.
I’m supposed to do some documentation for it too, using my trusty camera and also a HandyCam I borrowed from the school. Hmm I’ll be keeping my eyes open for other things too. Who knows I might be seeing some of my USM friends…. coz this is a Zone Level English Camp. All technic school both in Kelantan and Terengganu actually. So there might be some ppl that I know. Last year it was done at my school. The first Zone Level English Camp for that matter. It was a big deal, introducing that stuff for the zone…
Still have the school level English Camp next week. Among the reason I don’t really want to go is this. 2 weeks in a row, sure as hell it will be tiring. Gotta go now. Need to think what to pack for a 4 day trip.
Adieu :rose:

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  1. alhamdulillah dah sembuh sket dah abg long… diana, payah sket nak letak yahoo emoticons kat blogspot. U have to ask somebody else…. I’m not that well versed with blogspot

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