A Very Sick Man

A very sick man is not a nice thing to look at, especially if he’s trying hard to breath, and at the same time keeping his innards inside…
The only good part about me being sick is I tend to smile more often, as when I’m sick, I don’t like to talk, and will just smile at everything that ppl tell me :p
This last week, the kids behaved, luckily they know a sick man when they see one. And have been playing along nicely with me. Made them do a lot of exercises though. (it wasn’t that hard) 😀 Am looking forward to my weekend, but still have to go to KB tomorrow to have a look at things. Handphone and others, need to buy some new blank CDRs too. My harddisk is getting full with all the stuff I’ve downloaded since getting home.
Missing the life at Penang right now, the late night drinks, the crazy stuff that I do with friends. The long-till-afternoon sleeps …. Wish I could go back to that time, but sincerely no, that part of my life is over, and good riddance too 😀
Time to get a nap, my head is still pulsing. Flu is no fun..
Adieu :rose:

2 thoughts on “A Very Sick Man

  1. makan la, ada 4 jenis lagi ubat aku kena telan, ubat batuk, ubat selsema, ubat demam, antiobiotik.. huhu peluh pon dah start bau cam ubat

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