A New ShoutBox

Finally, a new shoutbox, and I’m back to independence…. no more relying on other ppl’s crap server. At least if it’s gonna be down. It means the whole site is down.
Previously I was using Dekap’s Personal ShoutBox, and I loved it coz I get to host it here, at my own site. And the template system, control panel and all was cool. But then I got hooked on Doneeh’s Shoutbox, the main reason was because I could reply to every comment itself and thus not getting ppl confused to whom I’m actually replying to. But Doneeh’s main setback was because it was hosted at it’s own server, and was having a lot of issues. For those who loved Doneeh u can try wdcreezz.com’s Shoutbox, it has the same replyable comments as Doneeh’s.
But for me I opt to use something which I have full control over, so this time around I’m using my cousin’s (apih) script, but since he has not really completed its development I am not able to distribute it. My version of it is heavily modified from the script that he left me with. Still need some work on the control panel..
Have fun, if u break the code, do tell me 😀
*added : After tinkering a bit the main page is finally XHTML 1.0 valid, and its CSS has also been validated… think the other pages is also valid, but i havent checked. It took me a while getting everything ironed out on the main page. Hoping that all pages of the site will get validated as well with the code change.
:rose: Adieu
p/s: Minutes after opening the new shoutbox someone tried to hack the thing apart. I hope he didn’t succeed
p/s/s: I fixed the link for wdcreezz.com 🙂

7 thoughts on “A New ShoutBox

  1. nice shoutbox. i like it. when u r going to put it online for free distribution :cool:. i’ve never finished my own shoutbox script, lol.

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