Yahoooooo Mail?

Now I think it really deserved to be call Yahoo, coz today as I opened my Inbox. I got the message that my account has been upgraded to 100mb for free. This starting from 15 june will affect everyone. A news report from PCWorld said that this will be done in phases, so don’t expect to see it 100mb soon. But it will be so after a while 😀
Meanwhile back in karlbum’s land of weird ppl nothing of interest actually happened. (wow is that surprising or what?) and I happen to just lounge around at home. Except for the fact that I went to get that KPLI pin thingy.. (hehe grad pon tak lagi selamba jer). Just trying my luck who knows I might be the teacher of your sons and daughter in the future.. Sheesh.. cikgu karlbum la plak…
Ok Adieu.. :rose:
late edition : seems the upgrade has already been done on my end.. my mailbox now registers as 100mb.
[Listening to: Sudirman – Dari Jauh Ku Pohon Maaf (3:46)]

2 thoughts on “Yahoooooo Mail?

  1. Good gracious me 😮 I was surprised to hear from you just now. Tup tup jadik cikgu la yek…join the club eheheheh…all the best aight 😉

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