My Dad Went Shopping

Why the topic, because that’s exactly what happened. Yesterday, I went to collect some rental money from our tenant (we are renting out a place that I used to live in) So after that my dad said, “lets go look for some shirts for you”. I have a very small collection of officewears so my dad was gonna buy me some new shirts heheh.. free clothes Razz So had a look at one of the shopping complexes here, and nothing was on sale. I suggested a place that was having a promotion.
Guess what happened, my dad went crazy, why not.. everything was going for 50%, managed to get my hand on some sweet stuff. Stuff I’d never buy (e.g a RM100++ shirt) if there wasn’t a promo, I know that the style is old, but heck if they are going to give 50% discount why not. At the end of the day it wasn’t really me buying shirts but it was my dad.
At least I got some fun out of that heheh…. won’t tell u what that is Razz
Adieu Rose
p/s: super tired, readjusting my sleeping schedule

8 thoughts on “My Dad Went Shopping

  1. cikgu karlbum..ehem Grin
    jarang dgr citer bapak2 pi dad tak penah luang masa utk shopping even for himself,slalu suruh my mom tolong belikan.

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