Interview ek?

Yep I sort of went for an interview today. Got a call from an ex-colleague at a school that I did some temping back in 2002. They told me to come to the school today. Previously they requested me to send in an updated version of my resume (like there’s any change :p ) So today I went in and felt rather weird… why not, the boys wasn’t in class…they were hanging around the student’s garage.. and the girl.. everywhere that the boys are not?
They told me that they were having a teachers day celebration for the school that day. And I had to join in. What the heck… I just went for it. The students obviously don’t know me, but a majority of the teachers I knew from before, so it was cool. Even managed to get a present from the student.. funny I went for an interview and instead got a present.
Afterwards I was introduced to the new teachers in the department (my department is english) It was kind of funny, that the new teachers feel weird because the old teachers all know me and everyone was sort of asking do I have a girlfriend or not, even mentioning the possibility of a matchmake (ni la problem org tua, pk nak kawinkan org jer 😀 ) So I hanged around a bit till the Principal was free.
Got in to meet him (the Principal) a quick interview, the basics, previous schooling, results and the lot, mentioned that I worked there previously. And that’s it. Off I go.. and I didn’t even bring a thing. I expected that my copies of certificate was with him, but apparently it was lost somewhere, haiya typical typical… He said he’ll check with Bahagian Teknik (yeah its a sekolah teknik) and the most is I’ll start next month.. which is ok with me 🙂 So do pray that he’ll approve it and I get the job.. I’m penniless, need the job hehe….
:rose: Adieu
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