Berakhirnya Suatu Penantian

Finally the wait is over, yesterday I got THE letter from USM. “You are now officially no longer a student of this univ.. get lost …” :p Just kidding…
Nahhh it said “according to last senate meeting u have met the requirement to graduate.. bla bla bla” ….
weeee Bachelor of Applied Science (Biology) Honors .. finally!!!.. USM was real slow in sending the letter… some of my friend received it a month back or more… and I kept calling them asking when and when… hehe
With it ends a chapter of my life as a student, damn, i’m missing it already… sleeping late… waking up late… 2 classes per week… :(( compared to now.. sleeping early, waking up.. very early… uuuu
Now starts my new nightmare… finding a job… though that’s for next year after my Subs contract is over. For now lets concentrate on the teaching… fuuu fuuu… tiring maaa…
Ok then time for me to take my afternoon nap…
:rose: Adieu

9 thoughts on “Berakhirnya Suatu Penantian

  1. waaaa… mr karlbum dah grad!!! kena buat kenduri besar besaran ni.. and i wanna be the VIP can meh? 😀

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