27 June 2004

Another Weekend Has Passed

By Rahman Pauzi

It was like any other weekend, relaxing at home, reading my usual array of old books, (no new books 🙁 ) Watching the tele and most of all I was working on the website, nothing that is really visible except that I’ve completely changed the link’s bar so that it can be easily managed and also so that I can bookmark any interesting sites easily. Blogs are now divided into those who have feeds and those who doesn’t. I’ve also changed some buttons a bit 🙂 And planning to roll out my topic icons thingy soon 🙂
😀 As for a new theme, it will be hard for me to devise a new theme as I’m not that good at designing and I prefer a plain and simple theme like right now 😀 Also because of time constraint. Change of colour schemes perhap?
And also my cousin came home yesterday with his wife… rindu kampung kot ekekek 😀 He came to my house, he has never brought his wife here so there they are. Had a chat with the both of them… small talks the usual 😀 You can’t talk too much, the wife is a lawyer… anything you say can be used against you. :p
I thinks that’s all adieu :rose: