Another Weekend Has Passed

It was like any other weekend, relaxing at home, reading my usual array of old books, (no new books 🙁 ) Watching the tele and most of all I was working on the website, nothing that is really visible except that I’ve completely changed the link’s bar so that it can be easily managed and also so that I can bookmark any interesting sites easily. Blogs are now divided into those who have feeds and those who doesn’t. I’ve also changed some buttons a bit 🙂 And planning to roll out my topic icons thingy soon 🙂
😀 As for a new theme, it will be hard for me to devise a new theme as I’m not that good at designing and I prefer a plain and simple theme like right now 😀 Also because of time constraint. Change of colour schemes perhap?
And also my cousin came home yesterday with his wife… rindu kampung kot ekekek 😀 He came to my house, he has never brought his wife here so there they are. Had a chat with the both of them… small talks the usual 😀 You can’t talk too much, the wife is a lawyer… anything you say can be used against you. :p
I thinks that’s all adieu :rose:

3 thoughts on “Another Weekend Has Passed

  1. quite slow loading here rather than before.. i’m still having problem loading ur banner (header) sometimes. lawyer? awesome, it was my ambition, long time ago. :))

  2. yep yep, kena complaint kat exa-bytes gamaknya…. tp not too often la ada period period dia .. dia jadi slow sket. i think because myloca baru ni ada buat sedikit perubahan..

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