What Should A Guy Do?

Yeah what should a guy do? when told that a girl likes him, by her good friend too. Should he act indifferently in front of the girl or just run off? I chose to act indifferent at first, but I realized it was stupid. I was just delaying something that is inevitable. Something that at the end of the day I have to face again. And yes, I have told in her face that I don’t have any feelings for her, though not in a direct manner.
And inevitably her friend barged in again, and I had to tell her to stop matchmaking and to stop giving hope to the girl. It’s not the fact that I have a girlfriend or even another girl in mind, it’s just the fact that I’m just happy being single, finding joy in being single, without needing to think if what I do in my everyday life would lead to my other half hating it or just being plain jealous. As always the best friend refused to see that a guy can be happy single. O yeah single is soooo mundane, so I told her ask your friend this “Does she wants to experience the reason why my other girlfriend dumped me? If yes she is welcomed to a 3 month relationship with me”. Yes 3 month is my marker point, my relationship rarely lasted beyond that point. But heck no, she says “Do not let past relationship clouds your judgment and hinder you from loving and being loved”. I should have told her that love is good and all fine with me, but the important part is, I want to be happy. Not loving someone and being utterly miserable. Those days of mucking around is over. I hope. I’d rather flirt around than having an unstable relationship, and cause more pain to myself and whoever it is that is unlucky enough to be my partner.
That’s being said, I truly hate it when girls have the opinion that all single guy are out to find a girl (basically themselves). No, not all guy and least of all me, while I can be seen as rather flirtatious all I want is a friend.
Sorry if this entry hurts some people, but I have to break it out one way or another.
:rose: Adieu
p/s: Exam is over, I’m at home again 🙂

6 thoughts on “What Should A Guy Do?

  1. You know, alota malaysians will take rejection as some kinda bad thingy. Prolly this gurl now, that you rejected, will prolly go around telling poeple how you ‘played’ her or how you ‘berlagak’ or something.
    Berapa kali dah i witnesed this. I had a guy fren once who liked me. i didnt know. i had a bf. and this guy fren tried so hard buti didnt know. and later when i found out i just rejected him and he went around spreading whore stories abt me which is of cos, untrue. anyways the moral here is, we malaysians are just to weak and no backbone and cannot accept rejection. then we go around bad mouthing.

  2. hmm..the gurl should have done the whole approach thing herself so that she can find out what u say for herself.saves u and her a lot of time.
    anyway,this kinda prob happens all the time.
    some ppl just don’t get it.they think we’re bein petty,mean and choosy when we don’t accept them.
    when this happen i try not to let this bother me,esp when they start spreading rumours and bad news.lama-lama nanti die boring ah tu..it won’t last long. 😉

  3. i’ve been in that girl’s place b4.. there’s so many reasons why i did that..one of the thing was that i don’t wanna be in doubt.. and also save me time.. better than keep wondering.. but.. at least he understand me better..and our relationship become even stronger.. i’m glad he still my friends..

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