18 April 2004

Still April Fool?

By Rahman Pauzi

Is it still the season for april fool? coz somebody has been trying hard to fool me. A very elaborate joke I might say, but poorly done. :p try harder next time. Ok here’s the story ….
A few days ago… i received an sms from a number I didn’t recognize. It was rather weird. Starts of with
Unknown: Hi is tis karlbum @ rahman
Me: Yes, n who is this.
U: Hi i’m Ika, I got to know u from a friend and also ur web. can we be fren
Me: errr sure. mind introducing urself?
U: I’m Ika, My real name is syafika im 23yrs old. and now I’m staying in selangor.
and it goes on and on and on… bla bla bla….
I was curious as the names she supplied me with doesnt register. I know none of those ppl. So on an instinct I called her. And I was greeted with a voicemail greeting. And guess what, it was one of my friends, apparently she just changed her phone number and decided to play a prank on me.
To her.. get a better idea laaaa…. and jangan la reject call lain kali kan dah kantoi :p
p/s: Will be on hiatus.. have an exam coming up..