I’m Back With A Smile

Fuuuu fuuu, I’m back! The short hiatus is over… My exam is finally over. With a bang I might say… Razz Feels good to get that over and done with.
So today I went out with a friend and watched Monalisa Smile. And at the end of the show… i felt as if tears were coming out…. so you might call me a sissy for watching a girly movie and almost crying, but heck the fine acting got to me. Not to mention the fact that I’ve always loved the two Julias Smile And I might say that Julia Stiles acting this time around is ermm not plain, but somehow she managed to keep a low tone that she almost blend in with the other co-actors and leaving Julia Roberts and Kirsten Dunst to take the limelight. The human drama depicted in it was also fine even if it mainly centres on the plight of a feminist. (A fine point to note that is you are for male rights u are called a chauvinistic pig. But not the same for a feminist?). Also to note this is the first film produced by Red Om Production. Thats Moder backward. Moder happens to be Julia Roberts’s latest husband.
A must see for ppl who wish to save budget and see all 3 fine actresses together in a movie Razz And for the storyline too of course Grin
Ok. Till next time
Rose Adieu

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