It’s been a few days since I got back home. Was working on my computer, getting it to run smoother. Deleting all those unnecessary software by formatting it hehe.
The formatting part and installing alone took 1 whole day. Huhu, still have a lot of important software to install… 🙁 I’m never gonna get it done this month :p
Everything has pretty much calmed down after I got home, pretty boring and mundane over here. Both my cousin is still at univ, so I dont really have anyone to bug huhu….
I think its high time that I get started on a new theme, but I’m so lazy. Was talking with a friend the other day. I might change the whole layout, but considering the amount of sidebar info that I put, that would probably cause the sidebar to move to the left? So I’m thinking of perhaps sticking with the website overal layout, just maybe tinker with the decor a bit.
Work will start as soon as I find the installer for Flash MX in my stack of CDs. I think I’ll do another banner or something of the like :p I also need a new
Photoshop 8.0 installer, my last one was buggy. 🙁
Ok that’s for now.. gonna go and call my cousin.. hehehe

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