Wedding SMS!

Heh, I’ve just gotten a surprise SMS lastnight. Seems my dear old cousin decided to get married. And what did he wrote in the SMS. “Sudah selamat diijabkabulkan, kesyukuran bulan May”. I was going huh, hey, haaaa???? The guy jumped his own wedding date? Because I was told that he was thinking of getting married next year? Or was that year this year? Or am I slightly deaf of hearing? But what the heck.. he got married in the middle of the week. An almost impossible thing for me to go and attend his wedding… grrr… he’s gonna pay :p
Now it has been 2 wedding one after the other that jumped wedding dates? Pretty confused… ekkekek ‘tak sabar gila nak kawin’ 😀 Now who’s next on the list? Don’t ask me .. coz I don’t know 🙂
March is almost here… the dreaded exam is near… excuse me while I seem to blog on an irregular basis… coz I’m scared ekekkeek…

9 thoughts on “Wedding SMS!

  1. Heya Karlbum 🙂 G’luck for your exam 😉 & about the marriage thingy – take your time.. haha..! LOL. You’ve been coming by my site for a while & I thank you for that.. you’re nice. But I’l tell you this.. I’ll inform you personally here when something is up okay? You can continue your ‘fooling around’ as you please.. 😉 T’care.

  2. salam karlbum,
    stumbled upon this blog from yg paling interesting so far dlm your Galleria is Bunga Dedap at my alma mater..huhu..keep on taking good pics, and all the best for your exam 🙂

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