Short Stories Of February

1st Story :: The Weird Guys Session
Had a rather weird evening with the guys…. we were hanging out at the local Nasi Kandar…. sipping tea eating roti canai…. the usual stuff… then one of the guys suddenly said… hey somebody just taught me how to read palms.. then he proceeded by reading everybody’s palms…
Here’s what he has to say about me..
1. U will have 4 girlfriend… one might mary me… and I told him err I have 4 ex :p no chance of that
2. I’m a bit ‘boros’ … ya la tu kottttt
3. I will achieve a high status in life but through a lot of difficulties.. YEAH RIGHT!
4. I’m good in bed.. ..untested bwahahahah 8-}
Then there was also something about chances of having kidney problems … and another friend pitched in on how to find out if your future wife is beautiful or not .. wahhh so everyone’s wife is beautiful la that way kua kua kua….
2nd Stupid Story :: Tall Guy or Short Girl
I have this weird tendencies that when I walk around I tend to shield my face with my cap… resulting in that people cannot see my face .. but I can see their feet.. bwahahahah.. and usually I do this around trails that I’m familiar with. And as I have this weird swagger.. ppl usually get out of my way to avoid bumping into me… one crazy day…. as I was walking I sensed that a few girls was ahead of me.. as usual I ignored them and kept walking…. and as I passed them one of the girls looked up to me.. and I felt weird…. am I tall (which is not) or is that girl too short… bwahahahah karutt karutttt
Till Next Time .. Adieu
p/s: No I Do Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’m Single And I’m Too Mereng For It 😀

8 thoughts on “Short Stories Of February

  1. I actually liked your stories .. 🙂 I wonder though why’d you wanna hide your face under a cap – that’s weird, mr. :confused: anyways, g’luck with d exam.. tell me how you fair yeah? 😉

  2. would u believe if I say that I’m a wanted criminal? hehehe nah…. I just like to walk and not be bothered by ppl looking at my haggard face.. the unshaven beards and moustache do attract ppl’s attention 🙂

  3. no need to celebrate valentine’s. menghabis duit jer. and yeah where have you been! lama tak nampak! dalam site i pun tak jenguk jengik! ahahah! anyway go on with the cap-hiding-face swagger. tis cool. :monkey:

  4. adakah anda menghadapi masalah rambut atau gatal2 kulit kepala? mungkin anda perlukan syampu yg sheshuai.. rehat yg cukup.. dan awek utk membelai2 rambut anda.. 😎

  5. errr memang saya ada masalah kelumumur.. tp takda la serius mana pon :p just a habit.. hiding my face.. 😀 awek membelai rambut? ekekek that would be nice.. although i’d prefer staying single just a tad bit longer 😀

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