I was bored and tired

Sorry for the lack of updates. For the past few weeks I’ve been a bit busy and tired. I didn’t have that much time to be online as I wished.
Have been busy on other things in life. Was trying to score a few bucks 🙂 Had a business deal going on. (selling computer part .. cheap) It sure was hectic. And at night I was trying to trawl around my univ’s campuswide network. Trying to methodically map out the entire network infrastructure. It was fun but hell it was tiring as well. And managed to play around the network heheh 🙂
Have also had a busy social life lately, been going out with friends, having fun… 🙂 Too much fun perhaps …
Ok Adieu … wanna grab a bite.

5 thoughts on “I was bored and tired

  1. i am SICK of how money rule our lives! if we stop working for just a month we would DIE cos no money to do ANYTHING! oh god help me. :pray:

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