The Bestman and The Cameraman

Sunday… A friend and I went to Sungai Petani to attend a friend’s wedding, friend/boss :p My friend was the bestman, and I as usual the cameraman.
It was tiring :hypno: My day started at 8 am that day. Started our journey from Penang around 8.30 am. Managed to catch the groom at his house. We had to go and fetch the bride at Kuala Nerang for the “Sambut Menantu” phase. That’s another 2 hour ride. Even managed to get some shut eye during the journey :p
Got to the bride’s house at around 11pm and now starts my work as a cameraman…. had to get some good candid shots. So I was taking shots there and here… from the bride’s house to the Mak Andam’s place… and also at the groom’s house.
Managed to get a few good shots along the way… and had fun as well. My friend who had to be the bestman was exasperated… he doesn’t really like the attention.. And managed to catch him blushing a few times.. 🙂 (if you are reading sorry ek) And I was tagging with the groom’s sister gossiping about him and the bride’s maid .. bwahaha… he never knew what was coming…
I was tired and tried a few times to go back a few times…. but everytime I was stopped. The groom’s mom would go “Eh Man tunggu la kejap lagi”, or the sister “Ai cepatnya nak balik” or worse! the groom “Potong Gaji!!!”. I only managed to get away around 5.30 pm and still the groom was saying.. “tunggu la makan lagi sekali” aiyoo… letih worrrrr… tarak larat… mau balik tidorrrr.
Finally he relented and let me and my friend go back. And his mom gave us tons of food with the admonition “3 hari takyah makan luar tu”. And something about anak yatim piatu kelaparan :p
Got back to my room at around 6.30pm… was so damn tired slept from 7.30 till midnight… huhu…
:rose: Adieu
p/s: There were tons of lovely girls at this wedding 🙂 Ekekek cuci mata!!!

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  1. wedding yg aku pergi awal bulan 6 baru nih… sepanjang-panjang wedding tu aku rasa yg cun tu 2-3 org jer… itu dah termasuk pengantin sekali tuuu.. kalau tak? huhu… dah la wedding 2 hari.. tp tu jer?

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