Penang And Me

Have just arrived in Penang about an hour ago. First I would like to say that I’m sorry for not updating for quite a bit. There was tons of stuff that I could talk about. But then again, by stating it plainly on this website would hurt some people that I don’t want to hurt anymore. Enough hurt has been hurled by me in real life. :p
Oh here’s the update. My raya was dull!! I only went to one house other than my close family. And that’s it. I got no duit raya at all this year. (please donate some to me). But I managed to eat a lot of good food. My aunt made some very nice Nasi Ayam in exchange for the Kuzi and Roti Jala feast that my mom had.
My newborn cousin still have no name, will have to call my aunt if she has decided on a name. And my very young cousins (3 – 6) now seems to be intercepting every call I make to my grandma’s house with a cheery “Abg Longggg”
My mom is all alone at home right now (not exactly) cause my dad is away on a trip to KL. It was a trip organized for the local mosque committee and “Belia” group. They are going to visit Putrajaya or something. And I was pestering him by saying “Ha boleh la jumpa Pak Lah”. Meheheheh
Ok that’s all I better read my other emails. 🙂
:rose: Adieu

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