A Day At Home, Pesta Penang n More

Arrived Friday morning at home. To find my stuff have been magically rearranged 🙂 Looks like my mom have been busy.
Also found some cooking materials which cause further intrigue. Seems my mom was making Roti Jala and Kuzi again. She told me that my grandma didn’t really get to eat the one during Raya, so she’s making another round for my grandma.
My aunt and cousin was hanging out at the house waiting/helping for the dishes to be ready. And me as usual the “mandur” ekekke 🙂
It also happened that my computer at home has suddenly decided to break down. Haiyo I left it for 2 weeks and its all sulky? One of the SDRAMs decided to stop working altogether. That’s a lost of 128MB of RAM!!! And the soundcard driver also went dead on me. Had to use another version of the driver to get it running again.
Saturday afternoon I went to KB to have my father’s phone checked. It is only 2 month old and was already problematic. Sheesh. Should have not bought it in the first place. The phone shop that I went was not huge, but it had like 5 to 6 branches in KB alone. I can spot at least 4 that day, the Nokia branch, the Motorola branch, the Sony Ericsson branch. Crazy? I thought it was brilliant, over saturation = domination.
The girl working there said that the IC of the phone is malfunctioning. They need a week to be able to replace it .. Huhu.. While at the phone shop I was having a look see at the phone models I saw my dream phone… the Sony Ericsson P900 phone. A phone + digital camera + PDA all in one. And at the price it was going it was not a bad price for a PDA but a real expensive one for a phone. 🙁 Would someone care to give it as a birthday present for me. 🙂 Ekekeke
Got back here on Sunday morning, thought of spending the day at my room relaxing, the thought was broken… was invited to go with some girls to Pesta P.Pinang. Hoho I know they are trying to get me to on some of the rides. :p I only got on of the rides.. The Top Gun thingy, and that was enough spinning for one day. They tried to get me on another ride … Challenger… but heck no. I was too damn sleepy (scared) to get on that one ekekkeke 🙂 And it was also too damn expensive. They tried paying the price for me.. but heck no.. I’d rather stay on some level ground and watch u girls scream your lung out. Enough excitement have been had for an old man. ekekekek 🙂
Got back from the Pesta at around 12.30 am, which was only to be followed by a meeting with some of USM craziest internet experts, We hanged out at a local Nasi Kandar, chatting about some crazy ventures. (USM have a closed IRC network) I only managed to get some shut eye at 5 in the morning…. huhu 🙂 Lucky my class was changed from 8 am to 9 am ekekek 🙂
Got to go now, need to get some needed break from the internet
:rose: Adieu

3 thoughts on “A Day At Home, Pesta Penang n More

  1. get the Handspring Treo 600 Smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard. Its RM2799 and its like the best smartphone for like EVER! (According to US media) hahahah! Cheh! kerek la i! mentang2 client i i nak promote. slap me.
    Ala tak yah la karlbum… im still using that damn nokia butterfly. and its ONLY 8 month old but feels like 3 years! :((

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