New Honcho In Town

You may have heard of it, you may not…. but there’s a new player in town. Ooo yeahh.. and they dare to be different. And you heard it right… It’s a new TV station, not your regular cuppa though. They can only be watched online. So if you guys are interested just head on to Cyberjaya TV.
I have not start watching the programs yet, as I try not to watch too much stuff on the net. But looking at all the feedbacks they are getting, I’m thinking of jumping into the bandwagon next. The fact that interests me most that almost all of their presenter and producer takes an active role in their forums. Meaning the forum isn’t just sitting around like that. You get to see real feedback from them as well. To me that is cool. 🙂
On to other agendas today I promise myself that I will go and get something done. Need a new set of printer inks! My colour, and b&w cartridge are all dry. And just as I was beginning to enjoy reading Iliad (I’m printing it off the internet). And also there is the matter of posting a Raya Card. Huhu.
Ok la, I’m gonna go and watch Master and Commander. Wonder how Russell Crowe would fare in this one 🙂

7 thoughts on “New Honcho In Town

  1. yeah SUhaimi Sulaiman was my lecturer as well as my mentor and rolemodel. I found my true capabilities while practical training with his team in TV3.

  2. far1z seems to like to eat tv stations 🙂 ok just kidding 🙂 Yeah I’ve started tuning in, they seems ok though a few programs are already getting bashed pretty heavily 🙂

  3. Erm master & commander wasn’t that bad, but it seems to lack something.. maybe too high an expectation coz he did fare better in Gladiator. btw sure u can, just link me 🙂

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