Finally No More Neo

Didn’t accomplish much today, was thinking of actually going out and buying a ticket to Penang. But it was raining and I hate walking in the rain. Ekekekek…
Instead I watched Matrix Revolutions….. it all comes down to one simple thing in the matrix. Everything is about balance, balancing the equation. Here’s one simple equation for u to ponder.
Neo – Neo + X = X ; X = World
If -Neo = Smith;
When Neo = 0,
Smith = -(0)
Neo = -Smith
0 = 0 (balance achieved)
Conclusion don’t use math to describe a movie, it will confuse people. But then again that is exactly what happened in the matrix. Hehehehhe. Oh there was also the “Every Beginning Has An End” thingy.. sounds like a software lifecycle to me.

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