Coffee Talks

Last night I had a rather light talk with my aunt and grandma about coffee. And the conversation got me thinking actually, am I caffeine resistant? I was telling them that I drank Nescafe Rich the night before, and supposedly it will keep me awake, instead I doze off at 11 pm, earlier than usual.
Perhaps this is because I’m used to drinking coffee from a young age (my atuk sedara works at a coffee factory). It was amusing to note that not even the coffee at coffee bean or starbucks can keep me awake. Instead every ounce of coffee that I drink will be sweated out. Hey I smell of coffee whenever I go to starbucks.
There was also a conversation with an uncle, he said that those 10 ringgit coffee doesn’t suit him. He always wonder why his client wants to get a drink at those beaneries. Hehehe 😛 He said that the coffee usually isn’t strong enough for him. And he also doesn’t like the taste. He prefers those kampung coffee, specifically he drinks Kopi Cap Badak. And all that while as he “kutuk” those expensive coffees he was sipping his cheap kampung brew coffee.
I myself have no preferences as I seem to be caffeine tolerant and I don’t really drink coffee that much.
p/s: Nak Raya Dah Weh!!

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  1. i think i wud DIE without coffee. lol. But Nescafe isnt coffee. Its a lame immitation of one. Those expensive beaneries ones, ok la once in a while but yes, you’re atok is right. The KOpi Cap Badak/ Cap Kapal Api is still the BEST!

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