Ramadhan Memory

I do not have many memories of Ramadhan to share… but here’s a few.. It used to be that I go to the mosque with my cousin, on my bike. I have to pick him up first thou, then off we go. The interesting part is after the prayers.. Usually after terawikh I won’t go back straight home rather we would go around the kampung a few times. Still remembers how my cousin would scream.. not screaming of joy rather screams of fear… hehe coz I like to ride around in the dark and that at top speed. Ah the recklessness of youth. Ekekek… And it happens that I have gone as far as crossing the bridge to the other side of the river. (My hometown is Lemal, on the other side of the river is Salor) then afterwards I would hang around his house till around midnight before going back home. Hehe it was fun back then… now the cousin is too old to be riding on the same bike as me.. maybe I can persuade the youngest to go with me this Ramadhan. ekekek.
Owh btw, some ppl have said that I’m camera shy, yes that is true.. I prefer to be behind the camera. And it used to be that I don’t even smile for the camera. There is still a pic that I keep, which shows me smiling for the camera for the first time. U know how my uncle got me to smile? He tickled me!! not fair… :p (the picture was taken during Raya)
So ppl happy fasting…. dont ponteng-ponteng haaa..
p/s: Watched Intolerable Cruelty (4 stars – highly enjoyable even if u sometimes think u have seen this plotline before) and The House of the Dead (stars?? what stars? why are there video game scenes? only watch if u like to see nude girls)

3 thoughts on “Ramadhan Memory

  1. when i read this article, i cant help remembering the advertisement that use to come on tv with, you know the black n white ones that Petronas always make before a big event? I imagined it with the soundtrack ‘My Way’ … bzzzzttt… wha- whaat just happened… somehow i feel a quazzy anomily periodicly paradoxing itself in my lower abdominals pulsing my blood into unantural resources to my brain… in other words, warm.. memories of the youth. hmmm.. ok back to Kazaa…

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