Rain = Umbrella

Rain = Umbrellas? Hoho I don’t think that will be trend in the future (for guys that is) after the comment I got from my friend. I was going out to buy some dinner, and it was raining outside.. so I grabbed an umbrella.. guess what my friend said. “Oi pakai jacket la, cam auw pakai payung” Bwahahah like hell, but then the truth is they are too many “pons” here. Yeah USM is like the centre for “pons”. But heck I still used the umbrella, don’t wanna waste my time getting the jacket :p
Rainy days is always nice for me 🙂 It will always get me singing in someway or another.. preferably to the tune of Sudirman’s “Hujan”. Then a nice book to be read on the bed. Oooh just a perfect day.. lazing away.. 🙂 Wish I can get a job that has this quote “Kalau Hujan Tak Perlu Pergi Kerja” meheheheh.. that would be nice 🙂 Anyway its been raining a few days now .. huhu rainy season probably will be like this till November. 🙂 More sleepy days for me . :dance:
:rose: Adieu

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