Home Is Peace

Ahhh, I finally got home 🙂 Got back here on thursday actually 🙂 But wasn’t able to get online for a few days as I was not able to setup my internet as I arrived home after office hours, and friday is a public holiday in Kelantan 🙁 Boohooo stupid me I forgot all about that. Anyway managed to do that today with the help of the helpful ppl at Telekom Kelantan .. didn’t I told you Telekom here is faassst screaming fasttttt…..
Anyway I got home to a few shocks… a few revelations….. 1st, my cousin managed to get engaged without me knowing… all my family tell me was that… the engagement date coincided with a paper I had and they didnt want to ruin my concentration…. blahhhhh.. anyway the girl is pretty decent… the same school as me and my cousin.. *apa nih semua nak kawin satu skolah kerrrr???*
The other shock? I saw an event unravel right in front of me…. and I was like “hah” “what?” all the time…. my aunt got divorced from her husband… thank god she didnt have any kid with that bastard (yeah he’s a bastard) if not that would have created an instant custody battle. U wanna know why he’s a bastard? Coz since they got married the guy was constantly leeching off her.. asking my aunt for money… even using the car that my aunt bought before they got married like it was his…. My parents said it was lucky I wasn’t there when they discussed with him.. coz they know that I would have slapped the guy silly. (slapping is better for older ppl :p no fist fight… )
Ermmm I’m sleepy right now, I did all the wiring for the internet connection myself, and damn it was tiring as hell… think I’m gonna get a nap before dinner 😉 .. btw I met my cousin’s fiance today… and she was all shy around me…. probably because of my new hair cut …. I look like a “samseng kampung” for god sake ahahahha….. ok lah… wanna take a nap
:rose: Adieu

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