What Do You Look For?

This is a long overdue entry, this entry was originally sparked by a conversation I had while I was on my road trip sometime back with my bestfriend. We talked about his love life and my love life. Categories of men… and how women look at men.. and so on and so forth…
Among the things that we talked about was what is it that girls look for in a guy. Being ppl with scientific backgrounds, we manage to divide guys into 3 major group, which as always with human sciences .. is interrelated and is overlapping is some major areas. (yes, we are nerdy and a bit out of the loop :p)
So what is the groups? Group A is the macho guy with the look and physical prowess (and maybe some moolah). Group B is your typical romantic, sensitive type of guy. and Group C is the dependable guy. (either financially or emotionally or both). The grouping is very subjective 🙂 But mostly determined on the major points of a guy. He can be sensitive and dependable but maybe he’s more sensitive? He maybe macho and dependable, but he may rely on his machoistic nature to attract girls. You get what I mean 🙂
So we managed to group guys according to what girls tends to look for. But let us step back and begin to wonder… what type of girl would go for a particular kind of guy? After some groping around, we best concluded it is based on the maturity of the girl/woman. Because the trend is, as the girl gets more mature, she tends to look beyond the physical look of a person, and begins to see what’s underneath (as is with any other sane being).
my conclusion on that day was that girls that go for Group C (dependable) is usually 25 and above. (prepared to get married, needs a dependable guy)
The ones that go for Group B (sensitive) is basically around the age of 20 to 25. Emotional turmoil period, needing someone who understands them.. that sorts of thing :p
And lastly for Group A. we couldnt identify it with any age group, as maturity isnt really connected with age.. and the age that was given is just as a pointer, because that’s when the selected mind setting occurs :p
Btw. I actually did some work on this theory. :p I actually went as far as to ask girls what do they look for in a guy. And basically most of them conformed to the theories I made.. the few that didn’t was clearly slightly more/less mature than their age group 🙂
Any comments on this crazy idea of mine?
p/s: This idea will conform with the materialistic girls theory 🙂 Just exchange macho with money 🙂

8 thoughts on “What Do You Look For?

  1. kalu aku… group C ii naa(cambest)… takyah riso lbey2 sgt pasal die, so aku bley beri tumpuan lbey cket kat rancangan masa depan aku (dah stat berangan la nih… heheh) :pray:

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