It’s been a while since I touched the codings for my website, and today ho ho I touched it again. Considering the fact that my entries have gone from being a few to over a hundred now, I’ve included a search box for my own use :p U can use it too, but I don’t know what u ppl would be using it for 🙂
And I’ve also changed the banner, it is still basically the same banner. But I’m using the flash version of it. I actually did the banner in flash and converted it into gif thinking that some ppl dont have the flash plugin. And had to use a 75kb gif instead of the 9kb flash file. Now I’ve found a way about that which would show the gif file for ppl who don’t have flash installed. That should help it to load for ppl on dial-ups.
I’m also currently working on a forum for my province on utopia. Haha stupid la that game, I’m addicted already :p Well that’s for now, it’s a saturday go out and play ppl, While I return to my comfy bed and watches LOTR 1 and 2 non-stop. 🙂
p/s: Apparently this is the “not so nice” version of the flash file need to find the original one.
p/s/s: There’s some info about the creation of this website on “The Site” entry

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