Nice Weekend

Ahhh the perfect ending to a good weekend.. to my thinking that is 🙂 Had fun today… went for a movie. Watched the Italian Jobs…. actually I’ve watched it before but I went for it as my friend haven’t seen it yet. :p And it was fun even after watching it for the second time (minus the time I fell asleep hahahah :)) )
And so Charlize Theron’s impeccable driving mesmerizes me yet again 🙂 Mueheheh yeah right… so I actually spent half of the day at the shopping complex…. and went back and had myself a nap.. only to wake up at 10pm to find that the friend I went to the movies came back… 🙂 and she brought food!! keropok fresh… baru goreng.. hik hik… (bertuah pakwe ko!).
I had a conversation with Naz just now
naz: ur life DOES revolve around the comp doesnt it?
me: yeah
me: sort of
me: when i get married my wife needs to get on irc to get my attention
me: :p
heheh why was that brought up? maybe perhaps because I’m always around my computer. The computer is always on 24/7 and my internet connection is never off either 🙂 And as it is ppl always find me tinkering with the computer one way or another… whether its my computer or somebody else’s comp..
One extra remark would be that I don’t play games (not really) the few games I play is Tetris, Solitaire, Freecell, Worms, and now Utopia… yeah I know they are all dull.. but simple games intrigues me more than ARPG preferring thinking games requiring use of more brain than reflex :p
Anyway it is true somewhat the thing I said about my wife having to go on IRC to get my attention… that used to happen to one of my ex. :p She was sitting next to me.. but she could never catch my attention unless she goes on IRC and chat with me.. perhaps it was her personality, perhaps it was my short attention span?
:rose: Adieu

2 thoughts on “Nice Weekend

  1. :think: ader ke hantaran org letak pc or laptop sbb dedua kaki chatting 24/7 cyberluv or kalu hp tuh sbb kaki bercinta sms…

  2. ermmm pc/laptop + 24/7 internet connection will do 🙂 ahahahah ntah ah zuren… tp possibility tu tetap akan ada…. stakat kasi kain baju + kasut dah ada… pc/laptop sebagai hantaran mungkin jadi realiti… (pc lama aci tak? aku ada pc antik kat rumah.. still function lak tu..)

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