Fluoride Bling Bling

I’ve been reading a few articles about a research that shows the effect of fluoridation of water on children’s intelligence….
and for a starter… fluoride can cause children to be stupider (plainly speaking that is)…. it is found that fluoride crosses the blood-brain barrier producing biochemical and functional impairment of the nervous system during developmental periods (tech speak)… ekekek
so there you have it.. now I demand everyone to tell their kids and younger siblings not to brush their teeth :)) no just kidding actually just don’t let them swallow those water after brushing…. *now i know why i’m so stupid.. slalu telan air tu* …
ah.. and as an afternote.. as mentioned by Hez.. “bling bling” has just been inducted into the Oxford dictionary.. won’t that make P. Diddy famous? BTW what the heck does “bling bling” means? pahh crazy bugger…
🙂 Adieu
Fluoride Alert
Bling Bling

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