I know this entry would sound stupid in the end, but still, it is a point worth noted.
First of all I’d like to tell you there is a common misconception about iced lemon tea or lemon tea and also its brother iced lemon. Why do I say that? Coz it’s not lemon that we Malaysian use. Its lime most of the time except at those big restaurant and hotels. And how did I found out? Coz I was actually corrected a by a restaurant owner. I ordered iced lemon (limau ais), she promptly mentioned, its lime not lemon 🙂 Hoho it would have done me no good to get into a fight with the makcik :p Coz she’s been living in the US for quite sometime before coming back to Malaysia.
So that’s it… Iced Lime Tea and Iced Lime :p (true if you are eating at the mamak’s)
One other point to note. Iced Lime/Lemon Tea is bad for you. From the perspective of the doctor, you are only drinking a mixture of salt. Lime or Lemon is acidic and Tea is alkaline. Put those 2 together you get water and salt. Which won’t do your kidneys good 🙂 So no more Lime + Tea for you ppl ok :p
As a sidenote the thing about acidic + alkaline stuff can also be applied to the Vitamins you eat. Note that certain vitamin are acidic and others are alkaline. If you need to eat both type. Make sure you separate it by at least 15 minutes, at least that’s what my doctor told me.
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