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Just got back from BJ that’s Bukit Jambul Complex for u Smile Bought myself some extra stock of blank CD-Rs, got it at a discounted price, (regular customer + muka poyo) and I even bought myself a new book, The Covenant by Jeff Gullvin.. huhu will have to see if this book is good or not. I bought the book for RM5.90… huhu I’m such a sucker for discounts… the other day I bought a Dilbert book for RM9.90 … yeah head on to ur local “Popular” and go to the old book section.. u might find a few gems… Smile
Anyway I also went to the movies, saw LXG, heh it was definitely worth it.. worth my 16 ringgit (had to pay for my friend Razz) Eventhough I had already watched the vcd and expected to be sleepy, yet the movie was entertaining enough that I was awake the whole time even with a full stomach (I went to see it after dinner .. Smile ) I’m definitely recommending u ppl to watch the movie.. just for the sake of seeing Sean Connery in action Smile Now I’m interested to go and see the 1985 version of King Solomon’s Mine (there are 3 version for ur info, the 1985 stars Sharon Stone beside Richard Chamberlain) Anyway LXG in its own fascinates me, 7 characters from various backgrounds coming together… from the legendary Allan Quartermain to Tom Sawyer.. who can resist the movie, even if the plot is not that strong.. the actions n effects definitely makes up for it.
Hermm ok then, I think I’m gonna burn some old movies now
Rose Adieu

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