29 August 2003

Walking In A Dream Land

By Rahman Pauzi

I walk upon this lovely land
the land of my dream,
and yet i still remember my land,
a land that haunts my dream.
Di bumi ini aku mencari sebuah erti,
erti sebuah kehidupan,
dibumi sana aku diberi erti,
permulaan sebuah kehidupan.
Walking upon this land,
I remember my own land,
I long to be home, on my land,
I long to be in Malaysia, my homeland.
Hati Ku resah di sini,
Sentiasa saja terkenangkan pertiwi,
Hati Ku bukan di sini,
Sentiasa di sana, di pertiwi
Walking upon this foreign land,
I always remember my land,
The land of my people,
A land of great people.
Ku lihat mereka yang bertebaran,
Mereka yang bertebaran bersamaku
Apakah engkau sudah hilang ingatan,
ingatan tentang asal diri mu?
Have they forgetten their homeland?
Where their parents toils the land?
Have they ignored their calling,
A land of their own calling?
Ku berdiri dari jauh, hanya terdaya,
Hanya terdaya untuk mendoakan,
Mendoakan mereka yang bertebaran,
Kembali mengingati Malaysia…
Note: This poem was created especially for a friend who wanted something to recite for her Merdeka Day presentation. And here it goes… The theme requested was that of a traveller in another land. Longing for home… and seeing everyone else forgetting home.. Another request was also to make it in 2 language… it is not done in a translation form rather it is done in 2 poems that is severely(rigidly) connected 🙂
Note2: Created under minimum time restraint this is not my best poem… 🙂 Do comment
Note3: Other working titles include : Traveller In A Dream Land