Today is a hot day

Seriously today is hot.. not hot because of the weather… simply because the airconditioner here has been moved to next door. Our cybercafe is moving… not that far just next door.. Heheh…. and today while helping out with moving stuff, I managed to order myself the 7th book in the Artakusiad Saga… cost me RM23.50. That’s a special price for pre-ordering it. Would have cost more if I don’t order it now.
And for the last few days I’ve been trying to come up with a suitable poem for my friend. She need it for the Merdeka Day recital. And a few day is really a close call… I’ve only managed to write a portion of it. Seems to have lost a bit of word.. I’m not that patriotic perhaps? Heh … that’s all for now.. I’m off to eat something…

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