The Unfaithful Lover

Part 1 – Flitting Love
Would thee be happy to know I love thee,
Oh my dearest rose.. would thee,
I seek not thine’s love,
I seek only to profess my love,
My divine devotion to thee,
Can it be compared to a summer breeze?
Flitting, from time to time,
Yet there for all time…
Part 2 – Egoistic Man
Should I be in thee’s heart
For I seek not thy’s heart
As sure as I love thee
I would not be thee’s
For I cannot devote myself to one
Thus I cannot be thine’s
It would do grave injustice,
To all the women who craves me.
Note: This poem is done as an intentional pun for my friends… :p you know who u are… the 1st part is for a friend who happily seeks love of others… then 2nd part is for a friend that has too many “peminat” ahahahah… no hard feelings ok 🙂
Note2: This poem has been edited, to better the theme and such… If you have read it before.. try looking for the changes

2 thoughts on “The Unfaithful Lover

  1. salam,
    i notice the pun. a good one brother. hope to hear more from you. i’ve kind of landed myself in a mind freeze. all the best. :).

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