It’s that time again

Yeah, it’s that time of year again.. the time when I feel all the way down, and wish to just be alone… but then again not many people realises this, even the one that meet me on a daily basis… am I such a good con? Don’t know…
Anyway, I was looking at the press releases for USM.. and I saw something which interests me… as some ppl know, I once upon a time loved theatre… Not so much really it’s just that I’ve been a few productions small ones.. at school and during my matriculation days… and now at USM I try to maintain a good link with the theatre ppls.. I know I can’t join (1. I’m not that good, 2. I don’t have time)… ok back to the topic.. as I saw the press release I saw a name which made me smile… Teja.. she’s quite an actress in her own right.. but this time around she was only in the production team… The point is Teja is not her true name… but it seems she prefers to keep her identity hidden to the fact in one play that she did.. she was the only person that was introduced wrongly.. as in Teja as *******… hehe
I don’t know if anonymity is good in this business.. but then again she is one girl that prefers to have her private life separated from those on stage …. End of story…. btw Teja is the girl who used to practice in my office (when I still had an office)… ekekek
Back to me.. sorry if I had not written for a while, I wasn’t really in the mood to write or do anything that can be considered constructive… instead I lavished my time by writing and doing other stuff of no importance… eyp ok .. maybe I’ll write again tomorrow..

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